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As Bushwick Inlet Park Advances, ‘Maker Park’ is Envisioned as Part of the Puzzle

From Curbed:

Last week saw a huge step forward for Williamsburg’s planned Bushwick Inlet Park: the city finally acquired the contested Citistorage site, after a long period of negotiations with owner Norman Brodsky, for $160 million. Now that the parcel of land is in hand, the city can begin to move forward on its promise to bring a 28-acre park to the neighborhood, which has been in the works since the 2005 rezoning of the waterfront.

Several neighborhood groups, led by the Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park, have been keeping pressure on the city to bring the promised green space to Williamsburg and Greenpoint. And now, with the news that the park may really, truly be happening, one group is hoping to bring more attention to what it’s calling Maker Park, an “alternative design plan” for one portion of the site.

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