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Check Out this Proposal for a Cool Park Adapted from an Old Oil Depot

From Time Out NY:

When it comes to cool-looking parks, New York City could be on track to becoming the world leader in cutting-edge green space design. First, there was the Pier 55 island park on the far West Side of Manhattan, which is slated for a 2018 opening; now, Williamsburg is getting in on the act. Maybe.

Maker Park, as its proponent’s call it, is alternative proposal to Bushwick Inlet Park, a plan to redevelop a stretch of industrial waterfront between Williamsburg and Greenpoint. The notion has been kicking around since 2005, but only now has the city acquired the last parcel of land needed to go ahead with transforming the former Bayside Oil Depot into 28 sylvan acres of trees and grass. Rather than a more or less conventional approach to greening the site, the Maker Park project is notable for its reuse of the existing architecture, meaning the giant storage tanks currently occupying the Bayside lot.

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